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The Instacon application is a distinctive application which can be very useful for every business or company in this pandemic situation.

As we all are being forced to work from home, the Instacon Application is here to make everyone’s ‘work from home’ life a bit easier.

Managing all the Employees who are working remotely and keeping a track of the progress being made can be an arduous task. This is where the Instacon application can help you keep a track on your employee’s work and also enable you to easily manage other work related tasks.

top Features

  • Record Every Employee’s Attendance with Ease
  • Track an Employee’s Current Location from where he/she has updated the attendance.
  • Keep a Track on an Employee’s whereabouts during work hours.
  • Easily host Meetings, Group Discussions, Make Calls, and Send Messages just by using the Instacon Application.
  • Safely Send Large Files to any office personnel using the application
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